2016 Phone Card Drive

Is there someone in the service currently deployed to areas of conflict that you would like to receive one of the phone cards? Each year, family members tell us how much it means to all of them for their loved ones to be able to make that phone call and touch base – especially with their kids.

Send their address information to lynlymary@surewest.net and the card will be sent directly to them. Pass the word. Phone cards go to all branches of the service and are sent to arrive for Valentine’s Day 2017. Our cumulative total is over $73,000 and we have sent approximately 3,750 –125 to 300 minute cards to our military.

Use this flyer to promote – A 50/50 in your league or just solicit
donations. Send the info to your email buddies. Send money
to: CBW Treasurer Tina Martin, 57 Shields Lane, Novato, CA
94947-3877. Make checks payable to CBW. Deadline for
donations is December 31, 2016. Join in helping us make a

Download flyer