Congratulations to Fred Eisenhammer – CBW’s 2016 Marijane Viat Writing Contest Winner!

Fred Eisenhammer & Bette Addington - CBW President

Fred Eisenhammer & Bette Addington – CBW President

WINNETKA — Fred Eisenhammer, from Agoura Hills, CA, was presented the beautiful award for being selected the 2016 Marijane Viat Writing Award from the California Bowling Writers President Bette Addington on December 6, in front of his “Guys & Dolls” bowling league at Winnetka Bowl.

Eisenhammer was not notified prior that he was this year’s recipient and was totally shocked when it was presented. He received this award for his article “Bowling World Mourns Passing of Kingpin Bill Mossontte!” Fred shared the following about receiving this award and his bowling writing:

“I’m really humbled by this honor. I feel this award should be shared with all the wonderful bowling personalities that I’ve met through the years who have inspired me with their feats. Men and women, both young and old, display incredible athleticism on the bowling lanes and most aren’t so-called “athletes.” But they come to the lanes for a variety of reasons and they continue to distinguish themselves in this sport we love because they have so much passion for the game. It’s truly awesome to see so much passion from people from all walks of life. They come to the lanes to bowl and share this passion and they create friendships that often last forever.

Bowlers have made my job the easiest one in the world by being so generous with their time and answering my questions.

I enjoy writing about not just the top bowlers but the unsung league bowlers, both men and women, who come to the lanes to show they still “have it” at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and much older. Bowlers never cease to amaze me. I just wish I could bowl better.

Inspired by the honor, I bowled a 214 – my season high – in my first game of league play. Then I crashed back to normalcy with moremy-speed scores of 135 and 139.”

Thank you to the National Bowling Stadium for sponsoring this award for the California Bowling Writers!

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