Donkee Double Bag Founder Keith Kenworthy Passes

SAN DIMAS – Keith Kenworthy, 92, passed away Friday September 29th in San Dimas where he and longtime companion Bert Strain relocated in a senior living complex. Keith was an inventor of many well-known bowling products. His first great idea was the ROLLIN’ DONKEE followed by THE BALL-SPINNER, SIPPER CUPS shaped like bowling pins, BANKS and CASSETTE COVERS.

When Keith and Bert joined forces, they were an unbeatable team. The bowling world knew and loved the pair.

At this time no plans have been made for a celebration of life.

Bert Strain has settled into her new abode and welcomes your cards and letters (even visits between 9am – 5pm)

Bert Strain
c/o Brookdale Senior Living
1740 San Dimas Ave. #312
San Dimas, CA 91773

Keith Kenworthy’s “Celebration of Life” will be scheduled in the Spring of 2018.