JEFF LEWEN Receives Citrus Belt High Average Award
by Frank Weiler

HEMET – Jeff Lewen was last season’s (2016-17) CITRUS BELT ASSOCIATION High Average bowler. He averaged 237 at Hemet Bowl.

Last Thursday Jeff received his High Average Plaque from House Rep JOYCE BRAUN (right in photo) and Area Director THERESE WEILER (left in photo).

Jeff has been putting up big numbers for years now and it is no surprise that he is the Citrus Belt’s top bowler.

Jeff has started this season with a bang, averaging 238 after three weeks of play in the EBONITE INTERNATIONAL Scratch League. It looks like Jeff wants to repeat as the top bowler in the Citrus Belt again. Time will tell.

Ebonite’s league secretary, SCOTT FILIPI, considers Jeff to be one of the most consistent bowlers he has seen in the past 30 years. Jeff is in the pocket 19 out of every 20 of his strike shots. Not many bowlers are as accurate or consistent as Jeff. Citrus Belt President MIKE RADDEMAN sends his congratulations to Jeff and I wish to tip my hat for a great season. Thanks to the BOWLING NEWS for supporting THE BEST BOWLERS IN THE WORLD — CALIFORNIA BOWLERS.