Nicole Rayon Blasts 803/300 at Bowlium Lanes Soloman Speat Jr. Also Perfect 300
by Tony Lizama

“Showing good sportsmanship with a friendly hug after
fierce competition.” Photo courtesy of Tony Lizama

MONTCLAIR – The entire alley was quiet! Teammates were clinching to each other as participants from the Mega Vegas League at Bowlium recently gathered around to watch Nicole Rayon attempt to bowl a perfect 300! With her nerves rattling and her heart beating rapidly, Nicole threw her final ball and…STRIKE! She reached the miracle milestone!

300s are not unusual, however, what makes this story unique was that it was the second perfect 300 of the night! The other person to reach that plateau was Solomon Speat Jr. Earlier, the two were competing against each other, throw after throw, strike after strike. Solomon bowled a 300 first! Then it was up to Nicole to ma

tch his feat. Both bowled excellent games! Solomon has many 300s under his belt. He said that he just kept “cool and calm in his last throw as if it were his first round throw.” He felt no pressure! As for Nicole, this was her second career 300, and like she mentioned, “It’s been a long time coming!”

The last throw was particularly important to Nicole for several reasons. As she stepped onto the approached, Nicole told herself “I have to get this last strike in order to bowl an 800 series!” When asked how she felt afterwards, she stated, “I was tired but I knew there was a lot at stake! Nicole’s 300 gave her an 803 series total. She further commented that “It’s difficult for a female to bowl 300s. It’s usually the men who mostly reach that accomplishment.” Nicole attributes her successful performance simply as going “back to basics!” To our knowledge, she is the first woman to bowl a 300 along with an 800 series at Bowlium Lanes. Congratulations Solomon and Nicole on a job well done!