Scott LaRiviere Rolls a “SHOCKING” 820
By Frank Weiler

LAKE ELSINORE – Pins N Pockets opened in 2008 (as Trevi Lanes) and since then, nearly a decade, there were only three 800s rolled in the house. That’s just one 800 every three plus years! So it’s obvious, it’s difficult to score at “the LAKE” (Lake Elsinore) and It is “SHOCKING” when someone does.

That’s why everyone was “SHOCKED” a couple of Thursday’s ago when Scott LaRiviere rolled 820 (298-288-234) in SCOTT FILIPI’S Ebonite Scratch League by “the LAKE”. It had been nearly five years since the last 800.

The first three 800s were rolled by RYAN CHRISTIANSON, JAMES HAWKINS and DAVE GULLEY. Christianson’s 802 (280-289-233) in 2009 was the first eight hundred and in many ways the most memorable.

Famed bowler E.G. MOCK (now deceased) ran the house Pro Shop at the time and I heard he said that Ryan was perfect for the first two games. He should have had back to back perfect games to start the day. Then after some freaky breaks, in game three, Ryan finished with a flurry of strikes to just make it past eight hundred. “RC” used a Columbia Gravity to roll the houses inaugural super series.

James Hawkins’ 858 (279-300-279) in 2012 was the second super score by “the LAKE”. Those were the days when James was bowling two-handed and a time he was on a path to becoming a pro star. PBA champion RHINO PAGE mentored James and told me that James was good enough to compete on the PBA Tour. A later injury forced the “Hawk” to become a one hander. Hawk used a Track 300C to roll his eight hundred.

Dave Gulley’s 827 (259-289-279) in 2012 was the house’s third super score. Dave’s score was no surprise. He is approaching his 75th year and has been averaging 200-225 for decades. Dave used a Global 900 Bank for his super score.

It is no surprise that LaRiviere rolled a super score and joined the Lake 800 Club. He has rolled many perfect games and 800s. He has booked over 230 several seasons and has cashed in several PBA events. This past summer he was inducted into the Citrus Belt Hall of Fame.

Scott used a Roto Grip No Rules Solid to roll his big score. He is grateful to Darron Peters, manager of Rollin’ Rock Pro Shop, for drilling his ball to perfection and his wife for all her support. My thanks to the BOWLING NEWS for supporting CALIFORNIA BOWLERS.