by Frank Weiler

LAKE ELSINORE – Did Darron Peters do the impossible? I think so but you be the judge.

When you do something no one else has done or can do, is that doing the impossible? If you say yes, then Darron Peters did the impossible. Darron did something no one else in the Pins n Pockets 640 Scratch League has done or has demonstrated the ability to do.

SCOTT FILIPI, 640 Scratch League Secretary, wasn’t surprised. Scott knows bowling and knows how talented Darron is. Darron is a PBA Regional champion who has cashed in many PBA tournaments. Darron is a professional. Darron’s teammates and league rivals weren’t surprised. They know he is one of the most talented bowlers in the area.

So what did Darron do? Did he bowl 900? Was he the first bowler in the world to roll four perfect games in a row? No, No, No. He simply bowled a perfect 300! What? What’s so special about that? Perfect games are rolled everywhere. Perfect games are rolled regularly. No big deal.

But, IT IS A BIG DEAL. Perfect games are seldom bowled at Pins n Pockets Lanes. A perfect game is bowled there once every year or so and never on the house’s “modified house shot” or Challenge Shot! That is why rolling a perfect game on Pins n Pockets Challenge Shot is so special. So few can do it and until now no one has done it. Bowling a perfect game on the house’s Challenge Shot IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Darron Peters did the impossible. He rolled a perfect game on Pins n Pockets Challenge Shot!