Imperial Valley Queens Tournament
by Mickey Dale

EL CENTRO – Peggy Dale ran the table in match play with a perfect record to post her first Queens Women’s Tournament title at Strikezone in El Centro.

The Imperial resident won both matches on Saturday and equaled it Sunday to earn the Championship in the tournament sponsored by the local chapter of the United States Bowling Congress.

“I wished I would have bowled better,” the newly crowned Queen said. “But, it was fun, and I enjoyed it. It’s a great group of women.”

The Championship match came down to the 2nd seeded Ananice Bush and the 3rd seeded Dale, the seeding’s earned from a series within the Women’s Tournament two weeks ago. Despite their close seeds, their paths were quite different to the title.

Dale started out with a 443-374 two-game match win over Toni Stauf in the handicapped-based tournament. A 443-390 win over Rita Noden was followed by a narrow 441-424 win over Jessica Pacheco to earn her place in the title.

Bush had a much more difficult path in the double elimination tournament. After dropping a close 426-423 match to Noden,

Bush followed up with elimination wins over Stauf (437-328), top seeded Sherry Terrill (416-393), a rematch win over Noden (411-361) and a semi-final win over Pacheco (444-420) to lead to the Championship.

Before the title match, there was mutual respect shown by the bowlers. “She told me when she came up, she said I’m glad I’m bowling someone I know, and I felt the same way. I felt more comfortable but wanting to do well. Wanting to at least make my average (of 140).”

While Bush battled with fatigued, having bowled 10 games already in the tournament with the potential of 4 more to win the tournament, Dale fought nervousness.

“I was trying to not let my hands shake so much,” Dale revealed. “I couldn’t control the ball.” Once the match started, she settled down with 141 and 158 scratch games and her handicapped total of 425 defeated Bush’s two-game total of 352.

“We need to see more (women) out here,” Dale said in looking toward more tournaments. “We all bowled well, and it was a lot of fun.”

When reminded that her name will be placed along with former Queens winners on a plaque at Strikezone, the newly crowned Champion had trouble finding the words to express her feelings. “It doesn’t seem like I belong up there,” she said, adding “but it’s an honor.”

The IVUSBC is working on the next tournament, the April 7-8 Open at Strikezone and encourage everyone to check out their website at to get more information.