by Frank Weiler

SAN BERNARDINO – Using her DV8 Thug Unruly Melinda Brunner rolled a career high 296 in ELISE HAMNER’S Weekend Rollers League at Arrowhead Lanes. Her previous high was 260.

Melinda is carrying a 179 average and her big game resulted in a huge 682 series, which is her best to date.

Her score doesn’t surprise me because of the way she rolls a bowling ball. I have watched her bowl the last few years and know that she rolls a bowling ball with authority. She is strong and comes around the side of the ball like many of the professional bowlers on the PBA Tour today.

Brunner considers the Thug Unruly to be the best bowling ball she has ever used. She feels the ball performs consistently on a variety of oil patterns and more performance means better scores.

Melinda has been bowling for 21 of her 27 years, starting as a youth at Del Rosa Lanes in San Bernardino.

She started bowling with her parents and continues with them to this day. She is grateful for all the support she has received from her family and teammates.

Most serious bowlers follow the PBA TOUR and have their favorite professional bowlers. Parker Bohn and Tony Reyes are two of the fan favorites of all time. Lately Jason Belmonte is winning the hearts of American bowlers as he develops into a superstar.

Belmonte is Melinda’s favorite because of his consistency and the control he exhibits. He is the best bowler of Melinda’s generation.

Great bowling Melinda. I’m sure your 296 game is one of the highest games rolled by a woman this season in Southern California and I look forward to hearing when you bowl your first perfect 300 game.