by Frank Weiler

REDLANDS – Terry Chittenden is one of the top female bowlers in CALIFORNIA. She regularly averages 210 or thereabouts and currently is on a 213 pace at Empire Bowl. Her book averages for the last two seasons were 215 and 210.

Several weeks ago Terry rolled the second highest series of her life. Her huge 760 (278-237-245) scratch series in the Noonlighters senior league was the high score in the league at the time, for men or women. IMAGINE THAT, A WOMAN OUTSCORING THE GUYS!!!

Terry’s 760 is the house record for a female senior bowler but it’s not her best score. A few years ago she rolled a 762. She also has a perfect 300 game to her credit, bowled at Empire Bowl in 2012. Ms. Chittenden used her favorite, a Hammer Dark Legion, to roll her record setting score. According to Terry the Dark Legion hits harder and mixes pins better than her other balls.

It all started forty-two years ago when Terry started bowling in her parent’s bowling center. Her parents, JOHN and LORRIE IACONO, owned Rim Lanes in Crestline from 1975 – 2004. Ownership gave Terry the opportunity to bowl as much as she wanted, for free. She took advantage of the opportunity and rolled hundreds of “lines” perfecting her game.

It was her parents who taught her the basics of the game and it was them who are responsible for her bowling success. As bowling proprietors her parents were very active in promoting youth bowling and ensuring she fell in love with our sport. Her parents were also very active in the community, founding the Mountain Boys and Girls Club in Crestline.

GLENN BULLOCK managed Rim Lanes for many years and taught Terry how to be a real winner. He taught her sportsmanship. He told her to always cheer for her opponent and then to bowl her best to win. That’s winning the right way. That’s being a real winner. Bullock’s philosophy of winning the right way has stuck with Terry to this day. She depends on her own performance to win, not the misfortune of an opponent. In other words, don’t wait for your opponent to stumble and lose, instead go out and win it yourself. Terry says “THANK YOU Glenn Bullock, thank you for teaching me how to win the right way in bowling and how to win the right way in life”.

Terry Chittenden is a CALIFORNIA gal, an outdoors woman. Born in Glendale and raised in Crestline she loves nature. With most of her life spent in a mountain community, surrounded by lakes, streams and wildlife it should be no surprise to know that her favorite past times (beside bowling) are hiking and backpacking. Her eagle count is in the hundreds. Have you ever seen a bald eagle? How about beaver, bear, elk or deer? How about a red tailed hawk or the Milky Way galaxy? Terry has seen them all.

If you want to know the ten essential items that should be in every backpack ask Terry. If you want to know the difference between a backpack and a nap sack ask Terry. If you want to know what to do when you come face to face with a grizzly bear ask Terry.

When it comes to favorites, Terry likes chocolate and Walter Ray Williams Jr. Walter Ray has been an inspiration. He has shown her how to handle pressure and how to fight through adversity. Walter Ray is a proven winner and his example fits with the “Bullock Philosophy” for winning. How should a bowler handle pressure? How should a bowler handle prosperity? Again Terry turns to Walter Ray as her model.

Walter Ray has probably faced pressure head on more than any bowler in history. While his face many times exhibits the stress he is under, his actions are always cool, calm and collected. He is a model of propriety. That’s how a bowler should handle pressure, focused and in control of his or her emotions. While Walter Ray has won with ease on many occasions, he never irritates an opponent with antics unbecoming a real professional. He is gracious in victory as well as in defeat. He is a model of sportsmanship. He has shown how a bowler should handle prosperity, with humility.

Terry told me that Walter Ray and her share the same sign? That is the same sign of the zodiac! I believe they also share their sign with Saint Francis and Mother Teresa. I can see Terry in a league with those two but I’m not sure about Walter Ray?

Walter Ray and Terry are also about the same age. That means they are the children of America’s “greatest generation”. That means they learned the value of hard work, patience and persistence. Now I know why Terry exhibits these virtues and values. Characteristics I saw in my parents. There is one question Terry has for Walter Ray. Does he love chocolate? I promised her I will ask him that question the next time I see him at a PBA event.

Terry is another example of why bowlers are among the best people in the world. Long live the sport of bowling for being instrumental in nurturing and developing people like her. “THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE BECAUSE OF BOWLING”.