ZACK JELLSEY Averaging 245
by Frank Weiler

REDLANDS – Zack Jellsey is at it again. He led the Citrus Belt in average (244) in 2015 and it looks like he will be “TOP DOG” again. He is currently averaging 245 with only a few games left in the season and I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else scoring at Zack’s pace.

Zack is posting his high average in Empire Bowl’s NFL Club House league on Monday nights. He has bowled over 70 games to date and has highs of 825 and a perfect 300 in the league.

In a week or so we will know if Zack will become a repeat high average winner. I’m betting on Zack because of his high octane game. His Big “REVS” mean big scores and a high average. I repeat, I’m betting on Zack to win this season’s high average award.

Good luck Zack and good bowling. Our thanks to the BOWLING NEWS for supporting CALIFORNIA scratch bowlers.