LEN NICHOLSON Publishes a New Book

by Frank Weiler – California Bowling Writers

SACRAMENTO – The best storyteller in Bowling has authored his second book and it’s now available for sale. PBA Hall of Fame member Len Nicholson has written a bowling classic titled “My Personal Memories and Stories of The PBA Hall of Famers”.

Len spent a great part of his adult life employed by the PBA in the lane maintenance program. He was involved in laying out a competitive and fair oil condition for the “Tour”. I bet Len’s “Tour” responsibilities made every PBA competitor wanting to be his friend. I imagine these friendships gave Len “Full Access” to most PBA bowlers of his day. Len’s book is the result of the “Full Access” he enjoyed.

Len observed the greatest bowlers in PBA history first hand. He saw them as rookies and watched as they grew and developed into super stars. He witnessed their greatest victories and was there for their biggest disappointments.

Len’s new book is all about his recollections of the events behind the scenes. He writes of the events that demonstrate the humanity of our sports greatest champions. If you want to know more about life on the PBA “Tour” you need to read Len’s book.

If you want to know who was “THE MAN” on the early PBA Tour you need to read Len Nicholson’s book. If you want to know how DICK WEBER burned up Don Carter’s Cadillac you need to read Len’s book. If you want to know how and why EARL ANTHONY got caught in a hotel hallway in his boxer shorts, at 2 A.M., you need to read Len’s book.

For more information or to purchase your copy of Len’s book write to 7474 Adorno Way, Sacramento, California 95829.