Nickolai Loredo Making a Name for Himself
by Fred Eisenhammer

Nickolai Loredo honored his sister after the latter won a Junior gold title in 2017.

FRESNO – His mother calls him “the other Loredo.” That’s no putdow

n. That’s just fact. Nickolai Loredo revels in that description of him by his mother, Vivian. In fact, Nickolai salutes his younger sister Jennifer, who has become a national sensation, capped by a title in the 2017 Junior Gold Championships.

After Jennifer won her 15-and-under division national title, Nickolai good-naturedly made up a bowling shirt for himself that read – what else? – “The Other Loredo.” “All my bowling friends know [Jennifer] won Junior gold,” says Nickolai, a 23-year-old Fresno resident. “They used to call her ‘Nick’s sister.’ Now they say, ‘Jennifer has a brother.’ I don’t even exist anymore.”

It’s easy for Nickolai to make light of his less-prominent status – especially after he was recently named the San Joaquin Bowling Club Bowler of the Year.

Like his eight-years-younger sister, Nickolai is a crackerjack bowler. He has a book average of 219 and averaged 228 in a summer league last year.

Nickolai treasures his SJBC honor, but “honestly, I feel my first 800 was a bigger accomplishment.” For the record, that was an 802 serie

s that he racked up in 2016. Since then, he’s tacked on four more 800s. Nickolai also has drilled 12 perfect games. “I still have a lot of catching up to do with my dad,” says Nickolai, of Joey David Jr., who has collected 30 perfect games and 15 800s.

Nickolai, incidentally, bowls left-handed, like his sister. But this didn’t come naturally. “I’m definitely right-handed,” he says adaman

tly. His dad, however, saw definite lane advantages to bowling as a lefty. And he taught Nickolai that way. “My dad’s been my coach since all the way back in 2001,” Nickolai says. “I didn’t even know I could bowl left-handed,” he says with a laugh.

Nickolai hasn’t reached his elite status by accident. He bowls a lot – a real  lot. He had been bowling “16 games a day every day.” When his bowling center raised prices, he trimmed the number of game

s he bowls, but that hasn’t harmed his bowling excellence. At the moment, he even sports a higher average than his sister. “But she won Junior gold, so she’s a better bowler,” he said. There was no jealousy in Nickolai’s voice. He’s just a proud older brother – and atop-caliber bowler as well.