by Frank Weiler

State President Kathy Bruegeman

From what I hear, California will lead the nation again in BVL contributions. California will again be NUMBER ONE. California will again surpass $100,000 in BVL contributions. California will again improve the lives of thousands of deserving military veterans. California will again show the world that bowlers are the most generous sports people in the nation.

Bowlers bowl, bowlers compete, and bowlers give.

I often ask myself WHY California bowlers are so generous, WHY California bowlers are the best bowlers in the world and WHY California has produced more professional bowlers than any other state? I ask myself WHY do our professional bowlers win so many titles? WHY California‘s Youth are the best junior bowlers in the world? WHY California youth programs are the best in the nation? I ask WHY? WHY is our State the best in the sport of BOWLING? WHY?

Some would argue that California is tops in Bowling because there are more bowlers in California. The numbers are accurate but not the reason why California is Tops in the sport. I believe a philosopher named Thomas Malthus wrote that quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. We all know that bigger isn’t always better. California is not Bowling’s Top State because there are millions of California bowlers. It’s more than numbers.

So, if it’s not numbers, WHY is California the best? WHY is California Bowling’s Top State?

I believe California is Bowling’s Top State because we have the best leaders in the country. The California USBC Board of Directors and Officers lead better than any other USBC leadership group. We are lucky to have leaders like State President KATHY BRUEGEMAN and State Association Manager LARRY PEPPERS. We are very lucky to live and bowl in California.

Bowlers, do you recognize the times we live in? We are living in a GOLDEN AGE. A GOLDEN AGE of Bowling. While there is room for improvement, things have never been better in our sport. We have the best equipment the sport has ever seen. We have the best facilities the sport has ever seen. We bowl surrounded by the most dynamic and exhilarating atmosphere the sport has ever seen. We have the best leaders of any sport in the nation. These are “THE BEST OF TIMES” for the sport of Bowling.

Wake up and smell the flowers all around you. Stop looking for the sliver in the eyes of our Bowling leaders while overlooking the beam blinding our attitudes. Start contributing and stop complaining.

Bowlers should be grateful for these bests of times. Let’s stop bitching and moaning and join our leaders to make the sport of BOWLING even better.