The  PWBA Is Back

by Frank Weiler

The PWBA is back.  The 2021 PWBA Tour season continues after a short break during the month of July.  The break is over and the best female bowlers on planet earth are competing in a mixed doubles tournament with PBA stars which started on July 29.  Then the PWBA Tour moves to Arlington, Texas on August 3 for the Go Bowling Classic.

There are nine PWBA singles tournaments remaining this season, five in August and four in October.  The August swing could be decisive in this season’s Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year races. So stay tuned.

The current Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year points standings follow.

The TOP THREE bowlers on each PWBA Tour Leader List are:

                           PLAYER OF THE YEAR POINTS

  1.     Julia Bond                         84,075
  2.     Shannon O’Keefe            80,850
  3.     Missy Parkin                     75,425

                            ROOKIE OF THE YEAR POINTS

  1.    Breanna Clemmer           48,825
  2.    Stephanie Zavala             45,900
  3.    Caitlyn Johnson                36,210

Every PWBA Tournament is broadcast live on BOWL-TV.  You can follow our California players there.  Also,  BOWL.COM provides live scoring for each tournament.

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