Let’s Read The THE RECORD BOOK – Part 2

by Frank Weiler

Do you know who is the tallest man in the world  and how tall he is?  That information, though very  interesting, will  not be found in the USBC RECORD BOOK.  You will have to go to the Guinness  Book of Records for that information.  If I did look, I bet the tallest man in the world is at least 9 feet tall.

Okay, what about BOWLING.  Let’s talk Bowling.  Do you know who is the oldest man  to roll three consecutive perfect games and a 900 series? How about the oldest woman to do so?

When I last checked the USBC Record Book the oldest man to bowl  a sanctioned 900 series was 70 year old John Buchanan of Evansville, Indiana.  He rolled his big series in 2017. 

The previous record holder was Dale Gerhard of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania who at the age of 59 rolled his 900 series in 2016.

On the female side of the ledger there has never been a 900 series bowled.  The highest sanctioned series bowled by a female was 890 by New York’s (state) PWBA Champion LIZ KUHLKIN on October 17, 2016.

Don’t you want to know more about the sport of BOWLING and it’s records?   I encourage all bowlers to check out the USBC RECORD BOOK to find who is the record holder in hundreds of categories.

We know that “California Bowlers are the best bowlers in the world”.  Go to the Record Book to find out who are the  California bowlers who hold sanctioned bowling records.