CARLA SMITH Rolls 300 and Ties Laughlin Blast Record

by Frank Weiler

LAUGHLIN – Records are made to be broken. But some records cannot be broken but only tied.  There  are scoring records that can only be tied. The 300 game and the 900 series can only be tied.  No one can bowl a 301 game or a 901 series.  So when Carla Smith bowled a tournament 300 game last week she tied a tournament record.

Arizona’s Carla Smith tied a Laughlin Blast Tournament record just days ago when she rolled a No Tap  300 game.  The 300 game score ties the record for High Game rolled by a woman in the tournament. 

Carla is only the third woman to roll a perfect game in 17 Laughlin Blast Tournaments competed over the last decade.  I repeat, that’s just the third perfect game rolled by a woman in ten years of Laughlin Blast Tournament bowling.

Carla’s record tying game led to a solid 700 (197-203-300) series.   Congratulations to Carla Smith for her  great bowling. Everyone is looking  forward to her next big score on the lanes.